A foreign wedding is a type of wedding ceremony and celebration in which the couple chooses a place outside their hometown or usual place of residence as the location for their wedding. These weddings typically take place in picturesque and exotic locations such as tropical beaches, historic cities, mountains, vineyards or any other location that has special meaning to the couple or provides a unique and beautiful setting for their special day.
The choice of location is a central aspect of a wedding abroad. Couples often choose destinations that have personal meaning, reflect their interests, or simply provide a stunning setting for their ceremony.
Planning a wedding abroad can be more complex than planning a local wedding as it requires coordinating travel arrangements, accommodations and local vendors at the chosen location. Many couples hire a wedding planner who lives locally because he knows the area and can therefore save the bride and groom a lot of work and can negotiate directly with the service providers and the locations.
Destination weddings can take place over a weekend or multiple days, allowing couples and their guests to make the most of their time at the destination. This can include pre-wedding events, outings and post-wedding celebrations. The only thing you should know is that in many places on Rhodes you can only get married from Monday to Friday, for example in front of chapels, as Greek weddings take place on the weekends and therefore the many small chapels are intended for this. On beaches and other places this generally works from Monday to Saturday, but you have to arrange it with the registrar in advance.
Legal requirements:
Couples should discuss the legal requirements for marriage with their wedding planner, as certain documents cannot be older than 3 months.
These papers must be translated into Greek on site by a translation agency and notarized.
Weddings abroad can be beautiful and unforgettable, but they can also be expensive, of course it depends on where you want to get married. When planning a wedding abroad, couples should consider their budget and the costs of travel, accommodation and wedding expenses.
Weddings abroad are often about experiencing a different culture or environment. When planning and celebrating the wedding, it is important to respect local customs and traditions.
Weather conditions at your chosen destination can significantly impact the wedding, especially for outdoor ceremonies. Couples should research the climate and plan accordingly, and always have a plan B ready in case the weather throws a wrench in your plans. But in Rhodes this is not necessary in the summer months as the sun always shines here.
Weddings abroad offer couples a unique opportunity to create lasting memories in a special place while celebrating their love. However, they require careful planning and consideration to ensure that both the couple and their guests have a wonderful, memorable and magical experience.